We are a purely Greek manufacturing company that 100% of our products are produced in our country.

Founded by Mr. John Liakopoulos, our activity begins in 2004, a year in which, after long research, we found that the range of supplements and foods for sports and healthy, natural nutrition is not sufficient.

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Enthusiasts of healthy eating and sports, we are discovering more and more products that contain elements such as sweeteners, dyes, and other substances of dubious hygienic origin.

For these reasons and in search of the best, we decided to create products that will be based on the fivefold Useful / Innovative / Quality / Safe and Affordable for all.

Being a manufacturer, vast experience has been gained from the manufacturing of food supplements and food. We are the leading productive food supplement company in Greece with research laboratories and production facilities, certified by EOF with GMP, certified by ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System SA) with ISO 9001 and 22000, certified by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and finally certified by DIO (Organization of Control & Certification of Organic Products) for the production of organic products.

With all these supplies and our personal concern, we produce products that do not need the name of the biggest brand or exhaustive marketing for promotion to convince you of how excellent they are.


Our search progressed and we became the first Greek company for the production of natural nutritional supplements that developed products based on plant stem cells, plant seeds, peroxide dismutase for anti-aging, in a complex of unique extracts and oils. 



Hundreds of thousands of people trust our products over time through the brands we have highlighted, each with its own characteristics.

BIO TONICS is the first Greek brand of natural food supplements that manages to have excellent quality and a highly competitive price. BIO TONICS makes quality nutrition accessible to everyone and you no longer have to stop taking your favourite supplement due to cost.

EASTAR which is the first Greek brand of products based on CBD extract, oil from cold pressing and sport nutrition.

JOHN NOA is the first Greek brand of 100% liposomal food supplements.

BIOSS is the first Greek brand and one of the few worldwide with certified organic nutritional supplements.

ANIMA is the first complete Greek brand with nutritional supplements for our dear little friends.

COFFEEL the first lotion in the world, based on coffee extract, for repelling insects. The idea came from the coffee we burn in the summer on our balconies. It works perfectly, it smells great, without sticking.

ATOMIC VITAMINS the leader of innovational food supplements.

ETHERICA OILS pure products for human harmony.

SUPERBS the #1 world berries and herb food nutrition.

SUPERTEAS delicious pure organic tea bags of naturals fruits.

SEVENTEAS innovative tea drops inspired from the 7 continents (6+ Atlantis)



Come to our family, our company is open to all of you who love sports and quality / healthy nutrition, giving you the opportunity to visit us to see how our products are produced and to create the future together.

Yours sincerely,

The AMHES family

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