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The first complete Greek series of nutritional supplements for our dear little friends.

The most common pet supplements are those that strengthen joints, protect skin, hair and nails, improve digestive health and overall well-being. In short, with 6 products you can cover all the needs that your loyal friend has, from time to time.

These supplements are divided into 1. Antioxidants, 2. Multivitamins, 3. Omega 3, 4. Probiotics, 5. Glucosamine and finally 6. A composition that helps hair, skin and nails.

ANIMA consists of these 5 essential nutritional supplements for each animal, plus a common for dogs and cats that concerns the skin, hair, nails.

The dosage has been separated for each animal, giving bacon flavour for dogs and chicken flavour for cats, while for the common product that concerns the hair, has been chosen the neutral flavour of chicken.

Anima’s choice to have the food supplements in drops, helps our little friends to receive their reinforcement very easily and pleasantly, while the absorption becomes faster and bigger. This means faster and better results.

They are prepared with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture in ISO 22000/9001 conditions.

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