Rosemary Essential Oil

Αιθέριο Έλαιο Δεδρολίβανου ΑΙΘΕΡΙΑ ΕΛΑΙΑ Etherica

Fight pain, improve your psychology and renew your appearance with Rosemary essential oil. Take advantage of its antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial analgesic and tonic properties and relax.


Reduction of headache, reduction of pain caused by rheumatic diseases, improvement of respiratory problems, bronchial asthma, indigestion. Fighting stress, mental disorders and depression. Used for skin and hair care, for toning, hydration and radiance of the skin. For the scalp, it helps with hair loss. 

This essential oil comes from the Rosemary plant. It is an aromatic, evergreen shrub that belongs to the genus Rosemary and the family Heilanthes. It is a dense-leaved and multi-branched shrub with a height not exceeding 2 meters. The leaves are leathery, small, linear and look like pine needles. The upper surface of the leaves is dark green and the lower surface is slightly fuzzy with white or pale grey colour. The flowers are purple, cyan-white or white. It contains tannin and essential oil, which is extracted by distillation mainly from the tops of the flowering shoots.

Use-Applications: It is not used directly on the skin. Combines well with the essential oils Citronella, Lemon, Mint.


  • Muscle pains: add 35 drops of rosemary essential oil to 100ml of almond oil and massage all over the body.
  • If you wake up tired: add 1 drop of essential oil to the sponge during the morning shower. 
  • Swollen feet: add 5 drops of rosemary to 10ml of almond oil and massage the feet.
  • Hair loss and dandruff: add 30 drops of rosemary essential oil to 100ml of laurel oil and massage the scalp or put 2 drops of essential oil to the comb.
  • Cleanliness and freshness at home: add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil to 2lt of water to mop the floor.


  • Avoid eye contact. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Do not consume them unless you have the advice of a doctor/pharmacist.
  • Do not use them insoluble on the skin.
  • Do an allergic reaction test.
  • After using citrus essential oils, avoid sun exposure.
  • For use during pregnancy or breast-feeding, consult your doctor. 
  • Use them with caution in children under 12 years.


Remains stable when stored in a closed container, protected from light, in a cool and dry place.


The products are manufactured in Greece by Amhes Pharma in GMP conditions / ISO 22000 / ISO 9001 / With DIO certifications / With permission from the Ministry of Rural Development / With permission from the Ministry of Food/ With permission from the Ministry of health / FDA APPROVED / With raw materials from award-winning growers and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA approved).

*The information given about the ingredients is based on international scientific studies and literature. It does not constitute the position of the company and the properties of its products.