Energize your body and strengthen your immune system with this amazing vitamin syrup by ΤΗΕ BIRTH LIQUIDS.

SUPER ROYAL JELLY, per serving, contains a significant amount of royal jelly and propolis. At the same time, it has been enriched with vitamins and minerals, creating a highly nutritious and delicious food product!

BIO TONICS due to the restriction of the development of the texts by the relevant legislation, suggests that you be informed about the nutritional benefits and the effect of the ingredients in the body from reputable scientific sites at .com, such as webmd, examine or with a relevant search on the World Wide Web, putting as keywords the names of the ingredients and the word ”claims”.


Put 3 ml of the product directly in your mouth or in a glass of water / juice or in your food and enjoy the nutrients of a serving.

People with health problems, medication and pregnant women should consult their doctor about the use of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for regular diet. Products that are dietary supplements are notified to the National Medicines Agency. Do not exceed a portion of a supplement without your doctor’s advice. CE products are medical technology products. 


Royal Jelly / Propolis 400 mg / 30 mg
Chios Mastic 5 mg
Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid 80 mg
Vitamin E 1,8 mg
Vitamin B5 as Pantothenic Acid 6 mg
Vitamin B3 as Niacin 3 mg
Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine 2,3 mg
Vitamin B2 as Riboflavin 1,4 mg
Vitamin B1 as Thiamine 1,1 mg
Vitamin A as Retinol 2660 iu
Folic Acid 200 mcg
Biotin     50 mcg
Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol 300 iu
Vitamin B12 as Cobalamin 2,5 mcg
Zinc Picolinate    5 mg
Copper     1 mg
Chromium     40 mcg
Selenium 30 mcg


Store in a dry, shady and cool place (<25◦C). Once opened, it is kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 60 days. Keep out of reach of young children. Contains 100mL. VEGAN.

Taken during the day, without food. NUTRACEUTICALS.


The products are manufactured in Greece by Amhes Pharma in GMP conditions / ISO 22000 / ISO 9001 / With DIO certifications / With permission from the Ministry of Rural Development / With permission from the ministry of Food/ With permission from the Ministry of health / FDA APPROVED / With raw materials from award-winning growers and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA approved).The claims on the packaging are in accordance with EFSA. Amhes Pharma is the only manufacturer of food supplements in Greece that is controlled by the FDA.

*The information given about the ingredients is based on international scientific studies and literature. It does not constitute the position of the company and the properties of its products.