Orange Essential Oil


The positive effects of orange in our lives are well known! But how can Orange Etherica Oil bring out these effects and ”touch” you?

The treatment with orange essential oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, disinfectant, tonic, regenerative, antipyretic properties that once you know them you will not be able to resist!

As is well known, orange strengthens the immune system and helps treat colds. As an oil it can be used in aromatherapy, in massage oils to remove toxins from the body, reduce tension and enhance circulation. It is a good lymphatic stimulant as well as sedative and relaxing to fight stress, depression, nervousness, insomnia and other conditions related to the functioning of the nervous system. Its aroma stimulates the tired body and removes unnecessary tension. Pure relaxation! 

In the field of beauty, this orange oil helps reduce blotches on skin and improve skin tone. It is ideal for dry and mature skin and helps fight cellulite. It can be added to cosmetic products to help detoxify, reduce skin irritation and inflammation and restore collagen to the skin. Protects and strengthens the vascular plexus that oxygenates the skin. Strengthens the skin’s defences against air pollution, giving radiance and vitality. You will definitely love it! 

The essential oil comes from the bark of the orange fruit, an evergreen plant that belongs to the citrus family. It has a sweet-sour taste and is more or less aromatic depending on the variety and quality. Orange is rich in vitamin C. It also contains sugars, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.

Use-Applications: It is not used directly on the skin. Combines well with the essential oils of Lavender, Tea tree and Cinnamon.


  • Start your day with energy and strength: Add 1 drop of orange to a damp sponge in your daily bath. Ideal for children!
  • Air freshener: Add 30 drops of orange to 300 mL water spray. 


  • Avoid eye contact. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Do not consume them unless you have the advice of a doctor/pharmacist.
  • Do not use them insoluble on the skin.
  • Do an allergic reaction test.
  • After using citrus essential oils, avoid sun exposure.
  • For use during pregnancy or breast-feeding, consult your doctor.
  • Use them with caution in children under 12 years.


Remains stable when stored in a closed container, protected from light , in a cool and dry place.


The products are manufactured in Greece by Amhes Pharma in GMP conditions / ISO 22000 / ISO 9001 / With DIO certifications / With permission from the Ministry of Rural Development / With permission from the Ministry of Food/ With permission from the Ministry of health / FDA APPROVED / With raw materials from award-winning growers and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA approved).

*The information given about the ingredients is based on international scientific studies and literature. It does not constitute the position of the company and the properties of its products.