Development and Manufacturing of Private Label Products / Private Label Products
We create your own Brand

    • We have the most modern certified laboratories with excellent manufacturing capabilities in capsule, syrup, spray, drops, powders, sachets of liquids and powder
    • We have a portfolio with hundreds of ready-made products
    • We develop your own unique product with the formula you want
    • We suggest you the trends in the market and we create your graphic image while at the same time we act as consultants for your development
    • We have top raw materials from FDA approved suppliers
    • We work as consultants so that your product is lawful according to EOF’s and EFET’s provisions and at the same time we undertake the process of notifying your products to the competent authorities
    • We have the best certifications for your final product
    • We provide the possibility of a small MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
    • We guarantee fast delivery, since we have a warehouse with sufficient stock of hundreds of raw materials

    We guarantee your business success!

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