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We produce natural nutritional supplements, all vitamins, minerals and trace elements. We produce unique isolate proteins for athletes nutrition, whey but also vegan from peas, pumpkin, brown rice, soy and hemp. We use the best extracts and herbs, organic and of good agricultural practice to prepare the most effective functional foods, baby foods, medical technology, nutraceuticals, herbal and natural nutritional supplements, cosmetics, soft gels, gummies, vitamin gummies of our company but and also of the private label products we manufacture for our partners.

Our experience, our facilities infrastructure and our human resources make us the largest food supplements & nutraceuticals manufacturing company in Greece with such capabilities. We produce more than 1200 top quality products with the highest concentrations of active ingredients. We have hundreds of certified raw materials and capsules, organic, vegan, non gmo, gluten free and we have the unique experience in manufacturing liposomes in Greece, while we are the first Greek company that brought probiotic, enzymatic, telomeric, as well as fast or slow absorption technology through saliva and skin.

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Amhes Pharma


We use top quality active ingredients, vitamins & herbal extracts, that are GMO free and certified by DIO.

[:en]Here’s a list of all the ingredients that we are using for this reason

Aloe Vera Extract Royal Jelly Water Aqua
Lycopene Hippophaes Leaf Oil Extracts
Spirulina Mastic Liposomes
Echinacea Milk Thistle Extract Cranberry Extract
Vitamin E Ashwagandha Extract Tribulus